The Geek Show Version 2.0 – Faster! Stronger! And now in a range of tasty flavours!

Welcome to the new blog for The Geek Show.

Since we started the program on Community Voice FM five months ago we’ve focused on a more introductory approach to our broadcasts so that people can bring themselves up to speed with the numerous and varied topics that are discussed. That’s all set to change in the coming weeks and months as we move from our 5 -7 pm drivetime slot, to a new 6-8pm slot every Monday.

To mark the change over, we’re launching our revamped blog, and a new forum specifically for The Geek Show where listeners can have their say on the topics from the show, suggest themes and ideas for discussions, request music, and a variety of other stuff that we’re in the process of organising.

We’ll be transferring all the posts from the previous blog onto this one, as well as adding information to the forum, but it’s a slow process so bear with us while we get everything ready. In the meantime tune in to one of the few, live, FM radio programmes about all things geek.

So join us on The Geek Show as we begin level 2.

Let us know what you think ...

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