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I’m still ill, but powering through! To bring you the roundup of S03E03: All Together Now! – our show about ‘multiplayer’ type-things.

Apple cockblocks Samsung’s Tablet

Apple has won a preliminary injunction to cease the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sale in Europe, based upon their claim that it is too similar to their copyrighted iPad designs. Now, please note that the other recent copyright story of Bethesda saying Mojang’s planned “Scrolls” game, infringed their Elder Scrolls name – that was clearly a ‘automatic radar blip’ thing. Because if you don’t claim copyrights on your names, then when someone steals your name outright they can use your ignored infringes as a base for their claim. THIS on the other hand – is just business douchbaggyness.

Apple’s claim is based upon things such as “rectangular product shape with all four corners uniformly rounded, substantial black borders on all sides being roughly equal in width, a grid of colorful square icons with uniformly rounded corners,”… because apparently Apple own those things. Also apparently picture frames must have logically some from Apple. To claim they are using too much of the same technology; overly similar hardware or software – that’s quite legitimate, but seriously these aesthetics? You don’t own smoothness!

This debarcle begs the question; how different do tablet designs need to be so you don’t get sued? Must the Galaxy 10.1 use square boxes? But old window screens were square. What about a white outline? No, wait irises have been doing that for years – God might sue. Sorry I’m getting such a hump on here – I really dislike it when Apple decide to stop a competitor – not by being better or cheaper, but by using sleazy douchebag business tactics.

Oh, and my comment to Bethesda on the ‘Scrolls’ thing? I hope they let it go, they made their point to the clone-makers and tricksters – we can move on now. I can’t honestly believe that they were afraid people would confuse ‘Scrolls’ for ‘Skyrim’. Mainly because nobody, had EVER referred to Skyrim, Oblivion or Morrowind by anything other than those titles. “Elder Scrolls 3, 4, 5”? No way.


David Cameron dislikes “Riot-mongering social networks”

Ok, speaking as an British Gentleman[Citation Needed] of sorts, I can say that not many people like politicians in this country. But I’ve not seen a Priminister practically beg himself to be mocked and memed so much as when Cameron suggested that people should be banned from social networking if they are “known to be planning criminal activity”. Personally if someone is known to be planning criminal activity, so defiantly that you should act on it – arrest them maybe? “Conspiracy to blank“?

Cameron said this in response to the claims that the recent London riots were being efficiently organised through social networking. It is at this point that I’d like to slap Cameron in the face an say to him how happy I am that social networks were the heralds and co-ordination platforms of anti-raid movements – hence the trends #cleanup, #opcleanup and #riotcleanup

Interestingly, Ramin Mehmanparast – the foreign ministry spokesman for Iran said to “exercise caution” and maybe try “listening to the rioters demands”. When one of the most volatile countries in the world gives you damn good advice – you are doing something wrong! #JustSaying


You, the people, resurrect Allen Telescope Array

Everyone on the show is very, VERY happy that the SETI institute has managed to raise enough money to get the ATA telescopes back online – for the sake of researching, finding and contacting Alien Life. The telescopes suffered budget cuts in April that got them shut down – then in June, they made an online fundraiser called “SETIstars” aiming to raise $200,000 in 40 days – they succeeded with 5 days to spare.

With the massive blows that the science budget has taken in the past year, and the dissolving of space exploration – it is so important that the ATA are online, that someone still cares to look out into the great black yonder – simply because we can, and should. Why not head over to SETIstars and help them out, and read their updates?


The Robot Revolution: Swarmanoid, the future of heists

This is AWESOME (Not my favourite robot, sorry PR2 still very much has my heart). These robots can work as a team to acquire objects – the flying eyebot attaches itself to ceilings and surveys a room. They footbots move the armbot and can act as relay points. Armbots can climb, grab and hookshot themselves to elevate and descend.

Rob1 suggest you watch the second part of this video with no sound – to get the full ‘hiest’ feel, but personally I like explanations 🙂 And these explanations (combined with the successful acquisition of Akira Tokiyama’s Dragonball) did win it a Best Video Award after all from the AAAI conference in San Francisco. Also check out their website: http://www.swarmanoid.org/


Project Overkill: Pentagon loses a Mach 20 Missile (again)

After 9 seconds of recorded data, the Pentagon’s HTV2 (Hypersonic Technology Vehicle) has gone missing – likely to crash into the Pacific somewhere… this makes 2 lost missiles in a row. The idea for the HTVs was to gather testing information, and eventually crash a missile that could be fired from space to pretty much any location on Earth, within about an hour. An understandable goal – but naturally firing a missile from space isn’t without it’s difficulties…


WTF Award: Artistic expression and injections of horse blood

Artist Marion Laval-Jeantet and her creative partner Benoit Mangin created this… ‘artpiece’, as a presentation on the blurring lines between species. After bieng injected with horse blood, Marion walked around on hooved stilts and did a ‘communication ritual’ with the donor horse. Her Hybrid blood was then freeze dried.

Ok… much as I want to remain neutral, and as much as I do love a good piece of art – this is a bit mental right? I don’t know if this proves… anything at all, but Marion said “I had a feeling of being superhuman. I was not normal in my body. I had all of the emotions of a herbivore. I couldn’t sleep and I felt a little bit like a horse”. Soooooo I can only think “WTF”, hence the award. If you have other words – please let me know.



Ok, we did a lot of fan-love for Andy Serkis towards the end of this episode – and we all agreed on a point moviebob made, saying that he wouldn’t get the Oscar he deserved for motion capture acting. Serkis did the voices and motion capture for Gollum and Ceaser (Rise of the Planet of the Apes [RotPotA]), and he even wants to teach motion capture in London. If you want him to get an Oscar as we do, there are internet campaigns as usual: @OscarForAndy and http://www.facebook.com/Oscar4Andy





Remember, if you want to re-listen to any of the music we used: just check out our YouTube channel

Until then, see you next week!

– HB

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