Meandering Mic: Desert Bus 5

Meandering Mic: LoadingReadyRun & Desert Bus

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In the [Price of Fun] episode you will have noticed a funtastic interview with Graham Stark and Kathleen DeVere (of internet comedy powerhouse LoadingReadyRun) telling everyone to watch Desert Bus for Hope 2011.

Now that the madness is over for another year, I have the full interview edited and ready for your listening pleasure. It’s filled to the brim with behind the scenes Desert Bus discussion, LRR Q&A, Doctor Who, Canadaisms, Derping and Potatoes.

Also if you would like any recorded highlights of this year’s Desert Bus drive, which raised $379,735.01 over 150 hours, then your in luck – the youtubes of GamingNerd, Cawendaw and VGMarathonFan all have a large variety of clips.
Twitter : Graham_LRRKathleen_LRRDesertBusLoadingReadyRun

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