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TGS – S03E20 – SunnyCon Preview

16 Dec 2011

written by Archaeon

TGS - S03E20 - SunnyCon Preview

On this fun-filled episode we’re joined in the studio by Tucky from Tucky’s Anime, the head honcho for Sunderland’s new anime and manga convention – SunnyCon – for a preview of the event. We also have a live set from chip tunes artist CriticalStrike to celebrate the release of his first album, and we take a look forward to movies, games and animation in 2012.

 The Geek Show Series 3, Episode 20 – SunnyCon Preview & Looking forward to 2012

Okay, enough of the hilarity. It’s time for serious news.


Just kidding :)

Kepler-22b and the possibility of other Earth-like planets

nasa-discover-super-earth-exoplanet-kepler-22bNASA’s Kepler telescope has discovered a planet that could potentially support life as it lies in a zone of its solar system called the “habitable zone” and orbits a star that is similar to our very own sun.

It’s called Kepler 22b, and because it’s 2.4 times larger than our world its classed as a Super-Earth Exoplanet. It’s also believed to be made of rock and have a mass that is less than 36 times that of Earth.

Click on the title for the full story.

Apple and lawsuits

apple-samsung-motorola-lawsuit-patent-infringementApple are used to filing lawsuits for patent infringement, but their long running feud with Samsung took a turn for the worst when Australia’s High Court refused their appeal to stop the sale of the Galaxy 10.1. Samsung are now legally allowed to sell the tablet in Australia, but they need to keep thorough records as the case isn’t over yet. Next year will see a full hearing of the patent dispute between the two sides.

Unfortunately, Apple’s problems only start there.

Over in Germany, Motorola won the first of their two patent infringement lawsuits against Apple, and the upshot of all the legal argey-bargey is that if they wanted to, Motorola could stop the sales of all Apple products that violate the patent. Now given that this applies to core cellular technology that provides a “method for performing a countdown function during a mobile-originated transfer for a packet radio system”, this means the whole iPhone and iPad range.

Apple have appealed the decision.

Mythbusters get busted

mythbusters-cannonball-accident-affects-local-neighbourhoodAnyone familiar with the hit “science” show on Discovery knows that the Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman (and the rest of their gang), like to test things to destruction.

They do, however, try to take all of the safety measures they can, but not even they could predict what would happen when they fired a cannonball out of a cannon as part of a test.

Check out the news footage to see what happened.


The Robot Revolution: DARPA’s Robo-Blob learns to crawl

darpa-robot-blob-crawlBack in 2008 a company called iRobot teamed up with DARPA to work on a project called “Chembots” – robots designed to mimic the movements of mice, insects, octopi, and other creatures that could reach the places other droids just couldn’t (a bit like Harvard’s “soft robot”).

In 2009 iRobot, working with the University of Chicago, developed a robot that used a brand new technology called “jamming” (check out the video to find out more).

As if that wasn’t creepy enough, now iRobot and DARPA have decided to put legs on it, turning into a oddly disturbing cross between a cyborg spider/crab and The Blob.


The Robot Revolution: The new NAO

aldebaran-nao-next-gen-robotNot long ago we reported on a talk given by social roboticist Heather Knight that involved her and a robot called Data. What we didn’t mention was that Data is one of the NAO series of robots developed by Aldebaran, and they’ve released a new and improved version.

Visually it looks very similar to the old model, but there’s a number of features that have been added or enhanced.

Check out the video to find out more.


Things we want to try: Mitsubishi’s Electric EMIRAI

mitsubishi-electric-emirai-tokyo-motor-show-2011The EMIRAI was on display at this years Tokyo Motor Show and it boasts a number of features including a biometrically sensitive interface that adjusts your seat based on your heart rate and facial temperature, and a glasses-free 3D rear projection display instead of a dashboard. There are also dynamically changing buttons on the steering “wheel”, and the EMIRAI has a driver-side touch panel that can recognize handwriting (but only Japanese for now).

I think it’s cool. Harry thinks it looks like a Wii controller. Becka wonders where the wheels are (I could answer that if it had been parked in my hometown). There’s many a divided opinion about Mitsubishi Electric’s new concept car, but one things for certain – it will certain get people’s attention.


WTF Award: Party Vest

party-vest-8-inch-sub-woofer-attached-to-backEverybody likes to party, but this seems more like a throwback to the 1980’s than a good idea.

Available on Etsy for a mere $550, it’s made up of a Dainese Gilet Cali Tessuto motorcycle vest, a pair of amplified motorcycle speakers, and an 8″ Boss Ausio Bass900 Sub-woofer with a custom made 10 cell battery belt, connections for MP3 players, and controls for volume and bass.

Vest – $299

Bass900 Sub-woofer – $129.99

Sonically destroying your internal organs while looking like a reject from Ghostbusters – Priceless.

WTF Award: Norway to run out of butter (yes, you read that right)

norway-butter-crisisIt’s easy to imagine a shop running out of butter, so how does a country manage to do it?

Part of the problem is the low carb, high fat diet that swept the country, which led to a 20% increase in sales of butter in October, then 30% in November. Another major factor was the a cut in milk output of 25 million litres due to rain and poor animal feed.

At one point butter was selling at auction for $13 (or £8.28), which is four times its normal price.

Across the sea, Denmark have a healthy stockpile of what the Norwegians want, but they’ve refused to trade because of the high import prices in Norway. Other nations have suggested that the Scandinavian nation trades some of its oil for butter (pardon me while I laugh at the thought).

To be honest, words can’t really sum up how ridiculous the situation is, so I’ll leave it to Humon and her comic Scandinavia and The World.

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