The Editors

Some of you may remember that during our coverage of the delightful Sunnycon we talked to Davy Shirley, creator of the Fera webcomic, about his and dark fiction writer Paul Burr’s upcoming project “The Editors”.

“When the world goes into crisis and is too far gone to save, The Editors step in and reset it all. Over the millennia sometimes there’s a glitch in the system, and this time the worlds 2nd worst villain wakes up partway through a reset… and he remembers everything”

We’ve been looking forward to this comic for a while (as anyone whose heard us rant about reboots, retcons and the New 52 will understand); with it’s dark parody premise and concept art that clearly pulls no punches.
And the first part of the wait is finally over! Pre-order your copy via The Editors IndieGoGo (essentially a Kickstarter usable outside the US).

The perks (backer rewards) range from PDF to print copies, plus posters and prints. And some appearance options for the hardcore. Head over to for more details and to donate.

Harry Bentley

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