S05E16 – MCM Expo October 2012 Special

‘Twas a fine Autumn day when Sir Harry of Bedale – youngest of the Geek Lords – set out on his epic journey to once more conquer Londinium’s MCM Expo. Armed with camera, tea and microphone, he tamed the great Mega Boose and forced the steel beast to carry him to his destination. Years of adventuring had turned this brave son of the North into a mighty hero, and with flask of tea in hand he was able to resist the ensorcellments of the strange creatures that worship the twin goddesses Moe and Kawaii, fight off the mad priests of Who, and enter the hallowed grounds of the convention centre at the appointed hour.

Destiny called, and so Sir Harry the Brave stalked the cavernous halls of Excel like a lone wolf – pausing in his quest for interviews to speak to the mighty barbarian hero and Lord of the Steampunk Literary Review Geof of Banyard, and to assist the wise Elf-Lord Tab of Kimpton with his magical wares. The young Geek Lord was able to resist the many temptations of MCM, eventually finding himself at the temple of 2K where he gained an audience with Lord Dennis Shirk – the Great Sage of X-Com – and was entrusted with the treasures of the Borderlands too. He vowed that the Geek Lords would bestow these gifts upon a worthy soul (the competition is still running by the way, so make sure you enter).

Minstrels shall forever sing of his deeds.

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The Geek Show Series 5 Episode 16 – MCM Expo October 2012 Special


Winner: Toki as Skull Kid from Majoras mask, from the Netherlands.

Show Correction: sorry, not Poland, that was actually the 2nd Place winner, Kairi as Onion Knight from Final Fantasy Dissidia

While we’re at it, 3rd place was a Brit – Refira as Toothless from How to train your Dragon


Steven Masters, Ubisoft
Lead Game Designer on Assassin’s Creed 3

After doing a Q&A discussion on AC3, Steven Masters kindly put some time aside to talk to us personally about game mechanics, new environments, and the art of finding usable neck-stab victims in history.

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Nao Zook & Jack Nita
From NIS America, Publishers of Persona 4: Golden

Persona 4 came out on PS2 in 2009 (in Europe…) and now, after 4 years of ATLUS increasing their fanbase it’s getting the ‘FES Treatment’, like Persona 3 before it, the game is getting a handheld re-release, choked-full of new characters, story content, dialogue and Personas!
After playing it myself in a gorgeous booth full of comfy cushions I talk to Nao Zook & Jack Nita, who are from publishers NIS America. (You may know NIS from the AWESOME game series: Disgaea)

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Jeff Tanton, Mediatonic
Creative Producer on Foul Play

While wandering the Expo floor I came across Mediatonic’s booth for Foul Play – came for the adorably gorgeous artwork, stayed for the fun and refreshing gameplay. It was fun, fluid and the dialogue was hilarious, I think this has been the shortest time I’ve researched a thing before feeling that an interview MUST be had =P
Jeff Tanton clearly shows his passion for the game in this interview – look forward to it’s 2013 XBLA release.

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Ricky-Marcel Pitcher
Author of the comic ‘BURN’

It may be because of my time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but I really like using flyers properly – collecting them, researching, and seeing if I like the product. And I really, really, like BURN.
A violent satire on the overworked office-worker, BURN’s dystopian future lies not in aliens or robots, but in stress levels. The author, Ricky-Marcel Pitcher, talks to me about the story and artwork (which is brilliantly executed).
You can read the first chapter online now! And if you enjoy – back the Kickstarter here!

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Luke Surl
Comic creator, Lord of Puns

I LOVE a good pun, and Luke Surl’s table was that of a genuine gag-dealer; comics, postcards and buttons galore – ranging from laughs to groans.
I chat with Luke about his work as a gagsmith, and how his published works came about.

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Nigel, from Mayamada
Creators of Comics & T-Shirts

After a successful IndieGogo Campaign, Mayamada are now readying their first book, The Samurai Chef. I talk to Nigel about the reverse approach to making things, and how it’s been developing the merchandise alongside the stories. As well as their various events and designs.

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Alan Ford and Bashy
Stars of Cockneys VS Zombies

Fun, Violent and Local – Cockneys VS Zombies looks to be a bombastic ride through modern London’s most ridiculous zombie apocalypse yet! As Alan Ford and Ashley “Bashy” Thomas will tell you here.

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