Meandering Mic: Tweet RPG

As a sortof-totally-unquestionable segway of our episode on Augmented Reality, we had an interview with Sam Richards, creator, writer and maintainer of Tweet RPG: Twitter’s premier Role Playing system.

A year and a half into the project, Sam has created a multitude of scenarios and comes to us with some great stories to tell.

[Download the Full Interview]

Interview Part 1 Interview Part 2
To get involved with Tweet RPG yourself, follow @tw33t_rpg on twitter to hear the latest plot details, and vote on the protagonist’s choices.
And visit for full details of the stories thus far, old campaigns, rules of engagement and news.

Props also to the Tweet RPG collaborators:
• Andrew Joyce, aka. Doodles & Stuff creator of lovely art. @DoodlesAndStuff
Mister Mook, self declared “Geek. Coder. Geocacher. Religious Fanatic. Vegan. Lover, Not Fighter.” @m0ok
• And MODIPHIUS, British digital media publisher that partners with creative talent to develop unique properties. @Modiphius

And as we discuss, Sam will be at Dragon Meet in December, so if you’re a fan keep an eye out for him and say ‘hi’!

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