S05E19 – Thought Bubble 2012

Thought Bubble! (or T-Bubbs, as Matt Dyson loves to call it), a convention that’s been on our list since Dr Geof Banyard recommended it over a year ago. Trusting the Teaforce, we sent Harry along to Royal Armouries Museum (BEST. FREE. MUSEUM. EVER.) to check it out, where he was quickly and passionately bamboozled by the number of awesome attendees shilling their paper-based wares.

Check out our coverage episode below for the full skinny on what’s great about this Comic Con, and download our full interviews with many great comic creators.
If you’d prefer to listen, rather than download these interviews, visit our Thought Bubble 2012 playlist on our YouTube Channel.

The Geek Show Series 5 Episode 19 –
Thought Bubble 2012 Special

And do check out the Thought Bubble website for info on 2013, it’s a truely a great convention.
They also have their own YouTube Channel where you can view previous years panels.
The host of the ‘Comics 2.0’ panel said that you can also check out his podcast, Panel Borders, for recordings of this years panels – and I recommend it, Comics 2.0 was a fascinating talk about the evolution of your beloved graphic novel medium.


Dave Bulmer and Abby Ryder
Cartoonists of DumpyLittleRobot

Manchester Cartoonists Dave Bulmer and Abby Ryder are, by their powers combined, Dumpy Little Robot – creators of the delightful all-ages comic Imaginary Gumbo. Wherein the 8-year-old Charlie becomes Lord and Master of the mighty Warrior-Knight Gumbo – Awesomely adorable adventures featuring giant guinea-pigs soon ensue.

Dave has also self-published three issues of his all-ages comic ‘The Demon Tomato’, and creates geeky & silly songs on his YouTube Channel. The latest of which was a collaboration with Brental Floss.

Download the Interview
Listen to the Interview
Official Site of Dave & Abby’s Artistic and Musical Stylings
Dumpy Little Robot: Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr
DemonTomatoDave: YouTube
Abigail Ryder: deviantART | Portfolio | Twitter

Benjamin Read & Chris Wildgoose, from Improper Books
Writer and Artist of the gothic fairytale comic, Porcelain

We met and interviewed Ben & Chris about their upcoming graphic novel Porcelain, a gothic fairytale filled with grit, survival and automatons. I’ve read the first 12 pages and it’s bloody stunning – both in art and writing. The first 6 pages can be read online on their website.

Improper Books is a collective of comic creators formed in 2009 by Benjamin Read (Writer), Laura Trinder (Artist) and Chris Wildgoose (Artist). While collaborating together on the set of UK independent feature Warhouse, the trio discovered a mutual love for comics, illustrated books, and the darker side of fairy tales and set about making their own.

DOWNLOAD the Interview
LISTEN to the Interview
Official Website
Porcelain Online Teaser
Ben Read’s Website
Chris Wildgoose’s Blog

Will Fickling
Editor of The Phoenix Comic

The Phoenix is a UK-based, full colour comic magazine, filled with original stories from caring contributors – designed to get children into reading. Harry sits down with the editor, Will, to discuss the importance of comics for kids.

You can visit The Phoenix’s website to learn more about the educational/hilarious/adorable/awesome stories within, and see where The Phoenix is stocked near you.

DOWNLOAD the Interview
LISTEN to the Interview
The Phoenix on Facebook
The Phoenix on Twitter

Neil Gibson, T-Publications
Author of Twisted Dark, Tabitha & Tortured Life

Author of psychological thriller comics Neil Gibson joins us for a talk about his various works, and discuss his want to evolve people’s perceptions of the comic medium.

If you like what you hear, Twisted Dark volume 1 is available for 69p ($0.99) from ComiXology

DOWNLOAD the Interview
LISTEN to the Interview
Official Site
T-Publications Facebook
Neil on Twitter
T-Pub on Twitter

Crazy Fox Machine / Owen Watts
Freelance Artist in Professor Elemental & Doctor WTF?!

Hailing from a table in Bristol, Owen Watts chats to us about his work as a freelancer, Professor Elemental, Doctor Who, Comicsy and his upcoming Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel.

DOWNLOAD the Interview
LISTEN to the Interview
crazyfoxmachine on comicsy.co.uk
@crazyfoxmachine on twitter
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