Meandering Mic: Professor Elemental

Ending the year with a bang and hot crumpets, we interviewed the delightful Professor Elemental once more for our Christmas Eve Eve Special!
As a big fan of his first album, The Indifference Engine, I was genuinely amazed to see just how much the Prof has progressed in his latest work, The Father Of Invention: It has twice as many tracks, a wide variety of sounds & styles, a plotline – and a personality all of it’s own.

While discussing his album and comic we drift into spiralling tangents like drunken penny-farthing riders – bumping into Marvel, comics, conventions, community, collaborations and gigging as we go.
You can listen via the download below, or through our YouTube Channel below – it’s like having tea, honey and popping candy poured into your ears.

[Download the Full Interview Here]

Or Here it Hear
And links/props to all the lovely people & things we mention:
Moog, Video Director Extraordinaire
Tom Caruana, Ultrasonic Artificer
Chris Mole Comic Constructor & Conductor
Sadie Jemmett, The Songstress of Sunshine
Mr. B, The Gentleman Rhymer
David Perry, Father of Artvention
The Young Avengers
Neil Gibson, author of Twisted Dark
Dumpy Little Robot, creators of Imaginary Gumbo
DemonTomatoDave, Game-Juggling Shantylord
Vivian Stanshall, the Ginger Geezer
Gerard Hoffnung, Artist, Musician & Comedian
• And finally Plastic Man; Towel, Dress, Acrobat

Harry Bentley

3 thoughts on “Meandering Mic: Professor Elemental

  1. Hello hello, Mr. Bentley! Stumbled on this interview a few days ago, and thought it might be possible to add myself to your list of mentioned individuals above. I am the fellow that designed the album cover and some stuff inside, and working on the exciting new Professor Elemental Comic Issue #2.

    I hate to seem quite so narcissistic, but publicity is quite important when you’re still a poor fellow from the American midwest, haha. If so, that would be quite lovely. It was a great interview, enjoyed it quite a bit.

    – Dave

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