Show Delay: January 13th

Sorry guys – those technical difficulties we mentioned last episode suddenly got a lot bigger than we expected.
We will be back on schedule for next week but some major maintenance is happening this weekend that we just can’t do anything about.

Next Week:

• The Villains Appreciation Society: The Look!
• Our interview with the world’s first Kickstarter Funded Convention: GaymerX (formerly Gaymercon).
Geekmas Giveaway Winner Announcements!

In the meantime:

• I guess we’re extending the Geekmas Giveaway again? Since we can’t announce it like this.
We’ll keep accepting entries until January 20th.
• Our friend Professor Elemental‘s web series has begun!
You can watch [The Chronicles Of Professor Elemental] now!   Parts 1 | 2 | 3
• Our YouTube Channel is being populated almost-daily as I upload and convert our old & new interviews and live shows – Feel free to subscribe and have a good browse.

• Or check out some of these awesome webcomics!

Let us know what you think ...

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