Meandering Mic: GaymerX 2013

In 2012 Gaymercon became the first convention to be funded through Kickstarter crowd-sourcing, and in 2013 the ‘GaymerConnect’ group plan to debut the fruits of the funding with “GaymerX 2013”, The first LGBTQ-focused Gaming & Tech Convention: San Francisco, August 3-4th.

Here Harry meets Matt Conn, the man behind everything, for a chat about the convention, being a gaymer, public reaction, Dark Souls, Disgaea, Persona and Dragon Age.
Warning; this is a very Harry interview – so it’s nearly an hour and a half long and filled of tangents. Try to keep up at your own discretion.

To find out more about GaymerX 2013, or to register for it – visit, and as discussed in the interview, you can build a character there and gain points by socialising with other users – it’s great fun!

ALSO: He’ll be joining us on our next show!
Jan 20th, we’re gonna talk about games with a live video feed, meet us here 6-8pm!

[Download the Full Interview Here]

Or hear it on our [YouTube]
Interview, Part 1.
Interview, Part 2.
Original Kickstarter Video, ft. SMBC



For more information about GaymerX, and to socialise with the fans, check out the links below:
Official Website
GaymerConnect Facebook
• Twitter: @GaymerConnect, For the Group.
• Twitter: @GaymerX, For the Con itself.
Google+ Profile
YouTube Channel
Tumblr Blog
Original Kickstarter Campaign Page

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