Meandering Mic: Kori Michele

Harry meets Kori Michele, creator of the Prince of Cats webcomic – a story of two boys in a conservative area, struggling and fumbling through their feelings for each other. It’s realistic, heartfelt and just really genuine – a great antidote to the sparkly-eyed and unbelievable chemistryless romances that Hollywood and anime throw at us these days. (Sam Witwicky and his rebound Pornstar *cough cough*)

It’s a fun-filled 40 Minutes about the comic’s origin’s and goals, Kori’s advice for new artists, and recommendations for comic lovers.

… although at one point we got into some heated literary criticisms of Yaoi, which while awesome – was NSFW, 18+ and very much unsafe for radio.
I’ve uploaded it as a separate YouTube Video, and Audio Download – something on the side if you’d like a mature discussion of keeping the portrays of love, sex and relationships healthy. Or at least, how to annoy two people with bad writing.

Interview with Kori
[Download the Audio]
or [Watch the Video]
The Making of
Prince of Cats
Yaoi Discussion
[Download the Audio]
or [Watch the Video]
Mature Discussion of
Good/Bad Adult Writing


The best sources of Koriness
Prince of Cats Comic
Prince of Cats Tumblr
• Twitter: @KoriMichele
Kori on deviantART
Kori’s Fandom Matters Blog
Kori’s Webcomic Suggestions
14 Nights by Kristina Stipetic
Ignition Zero by Noel Arthur Heimpell
Best Friends Forever by Mickey Quinn
Less Than Epic by E.K. Weaver
And Katherine Hanson’s Blog, Yuri no Boke


3 thoughts on “Meandering Mic: Kori Michele”

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  3. Harry Bentley says:

    Hey Charlie – I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    While I didn’t grow up with an oppressive level of nationalism, I read the comic for some pretty similar reasons. I’m from a tiny rural village, and the media didn’t have any LGBT people in it who weren’t characters or “jokes” – I know what it’s like to grow up with only yourself for company.

    I’m glad that PoC is resonating with you 🙂
    And thank you very much for the comment.

  4. Charlie says:

    Loved the interview and the yaoi segment as well. I was first drawn to PoC after reading the “about” section in which the author describes an America just two years after 9/11, a time in which the Bush Administration was just getting around to invading Iraq and nationalism was pushed to the point that a student was not allowed to refuse to the say the pledge of allegiance every morning in school. That was the world I grew up in, not just in 2003 which was my junior year in high school but my entire upbringing (especially at school) did not purport reason but instead a blind Americanism. As a secretly queer child growing up in that environment, I wanted to read about two friends in rural Pennsylvania who fall in love with each other. Can’t wait to keep reading, and thanks for sharing the interview with us.

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