S06E08 – Animex 2013 Special, Part 2

Anyone who has attended Animex knows that it is all it is first and foremost an educational festival, but even though the talks are informative, insightful, and a true eye-opener for anyone wanting to enter a variety of media-based industries, many people consider the lounge events to be the real highlights of the week. These evenings allow students and visitors to speak directly with some of the biggest names on the production side of games, movies, and now even comics – and people can even get valuable feedback on their own work from industry experts!

So without further ado, here’s the second half of our coverage of the event. Enjoy!

The Geek Show Series 6 Episode 8 – Animex 2013 Special Part 2

We’ve met some truly amazing people during the three years we’ve covered the event, not the least of which are the brilliant people on this episode.

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