Meandering Mic: Lindsay Penn

This weekend I interviewed Lindsay Penn about her biweekly YouTube program “The Dinz”.

The Dinz has been described best by their VFX artist Kezi, “It’s a motivational speech with sketch-comedy cutaways”. Every Tuesday Lindsay tackles a different topic, and reasons through it with advice, evidence and hyperbolas or example sketches from the rest of the crew.
And on “Random Thursday”s the crew has some random fun or makes an Advice Q&A

[Download the Full Interview Audio Here]

Dinz has worked long enough to be ready to ask for funding help – each episode is immaculately polished, the topics are meaningful and have proven to help people in their daily lives, and it is painfully funny.
I want to unashamedly urge you to help Unleash this Unicorn by donating to their Campaign or just sharing their videos around.

If you’re stuck for which ones to use, here’s my top-5 favourite episodes:
1. 5 Ways the Media screws up Love
3. Failure
4. Pride, Apology & Forgiveness
5. Love Your Pain

For more Dinz visit, or LinzerDinzerTV on YouTube


Crew Twitters
Lindsay Penn:      @LinzerDinzerTV
Sheila Henson:     @GypsyKundie
Kezi Sayre:          @KezFX
Skye X:                @SkyeX
Adam Tear:          @Adam Tear
Shawn Huckabay: @XOmniverse

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