S06E11 – SunnyCon 2013 Special

Once again we ventured to Sunderland to attend the marvellous event organised by Tucky and his fantastic team – and aside from transport issues on the Sunday we can honestly say that SunnyCon 2 was fabulous – in every sense of the word. Unfortunately the weather didn’t reflect the title of the convention and some people (hello campers), found that their tents had become kites.

Thankfully the event itself was a great success, with lots of things to see, do and try, and lots of truly wonderful people (you know who you are).

The Geek Show Series 6 Episode 11 – SunnyCon 2013 Special

We do have to apologise for the lack of Vic Mignogna. Unfortunately we have to work a bit of voodoo on the interview which means making our kung-fu stronger – but we’re getting there so please bear with us.

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