Meandering Mic: Abby Howard

If by this point you have somehow managed to miss my total love of Strip Search – Penny Arcade’s Webcomic Artist Competition/Reality Show, the first series has finally finished.
It’s 31 episodes and many many hours long – and well worth watching! Seriously my favourite reality show of all time; watch it at

Abby Howard quickly became a fan favourite after her first elimination challenge, where she revealed the secret weapon behind her fun and classic toony art style – a superhuman sense of humor.
I talk to Abby here about her time on Strip Search, and her upcoming comic The Last Halloween. I’m not going to spoil weather she won or not, but I’m pretty sure you’ll figure it out if you watch this interview.

Or Download the Audio Here

Abby’s 2-3 times-a-weekly comic Junior Scientist Power Hour has just turned a year old, and has a grand archive of funny and random gag-a-page strips.
Highly recommended reading for happy fun times:

She hopes to continue updating JSPH after starting The Last Halloween in October. At this point the comic should definitely be happening – since in just a few days it made it’s goal 7 times over. It’s defiantly worth donating though, as the backer rewards and stretch goals include some great prints, shirts, drawings and even early access to the comic itself.

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