Meandering Mic: Morgan Boecher

Harry chats with his longtime-plugged webcomic crush, Morgan Boecher, about his coming of age (coming of gender?) series What’s Normal Anyway.

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WNA follows the story of Mel, a young, fun and waffle-loving FtM Transgender guy, coming out and trying to find his place in the world. As Morgan expresses in the interview, the comic is comedic and pretty universally friendly (with practically zero vulgar content); which is a refreshing break from the usual tales of depression, dimorphia and loathing that usually come with the topic.
Not to dismiss those works of course, but again as we often say on the show – diversity is so necessary in preventing genre stagnation.

We’re really happy to see Morgan’s Kickstarter succeeding, and that he should be able to get his book published in time for Small Press Expo. The book will contain nearly 3 years worth of strips, and the perks include such snazzy things as stickers, prints and T-Shirts, leading all the way up to becoming pen-pals with Morgan himself.

Check it out before August 28th!
[Kickstarter Link]

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