The Perfect Recipe for Halloween

It’s Halloween, so by all reckoning we should put something up to commemorate this most unholy of holidays. So, when in doubt get the lists out.

There is a very narrow line that divides the scary and funny. There is no greater example of this than the league of horror films that try to scare but flop around with a total lack of grace – looking at pretty much all modern ghost movies here. With more intentional comedy, there are two ways you can address this grotesquely funny point of coalescence. The first and the more classically popular route is comedies about horror, these films rarely attempt to attain any qualities other than a comedic crack at the genre – Young Frankenstein is the perfect example. The second approach is more keeping to the genre’s intentions; films that work within the framework of horror whilst being funny too. There are bountiful bad and good examples of this, far more bad than good as this list attests. A classic example of this latter group is also one of the all-time great horror movies, John Landis’ An American Werewolf in London.

Before jumping into the image gallery, I will just say the image in the header is from one of the best horror films of the past 10 years – trick r’ treat. It’s not comedic, but it is perfect Halloween viewing. Like Rare Exports and Gremlins are perfect anti-Christmas movies. Get on it, friends.

I would say the prerequisite for these films is for them to be as funny as they are scary, but as any genre buff will attest, there are more ways for a horror film to be effective than through fear alone. I would also say that these films are the perfect entry points for people new to horror, but some of these titles are explicitly violent and gory. Okay, third time is a charm: these comedy horrors are the perfect recipe for Halloween viewing.


Rob Simpson

With a love of movies kicked off by Hong Kong Action and Claymation Monsters, Rob has forever been cradled in the bosom that is Cinema. So much so, he even engages in film making of his own, well, occasionally. A fan of video games dating back to the Master System, Wrestling back to the mullet and music, filthy dirty evil hipster music. Rob has his hands in many a pie, except Mince - those things are evil.

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