S07E16 – Doki Doki 2013 Special

The Doki Doki Festival in Manchester only happens once every two years, and this year we were invited along to see what all the fuss was about. We met up with some familiar faces and made some new friends while we were there, and a fun time was generally had by all.

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There was quite a lot to see and do at Doki Doki so here’s a bit more information about the people and organisations we’re featuring on this episode.

The Geek Show Series 7 Episode 16 – Doki Doki 2013 Special

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One thought on “S07E16 – Doki Doki 2013 Special”

  1. Oli says:

    Was a great day overall and fantastic to chat to you guys! See you in 2015 if not before!

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