The Christmas Competition 2013

It’s Christmas again, and as ever we have a heap of prizes to give away to one lucky winner. This year we decided to go with a more artistic theme so the package includes lots of great prints from some amazing artists we’ve met at conventions across the UK.

So without further ado, here’s what you could win:

ef – A Tale of Memories (Complete 2nd Series- DVD), Rosario + Vampire (Complete 1st Series- DVD), Arakawa Under the Bridge (Complete 1st Series- DVD), Starship Operators (Complete Collection – DVD) and Patlabor (OVA Series 1 – BluRay), from MVM Entertainment.

Deadman Wonderland (Complete Series- DVD), from Manga Entertainment.

Diablo: Baal’s Minion (Season One figure), from Blizzard Entertainment.

Weapons-Grade Puntonium by Luke Surl (signed by author).

Twisted Dark Volume Two by Neil Gibson (signed by author).

Dream Chronicles by Holly Lines (Chao-chan Illustrations).

7 greeting cards and 1 postcard from Genki Gear.

10 Art prints by Lisa Cummins.

6 Vocaloid art prints by Karen Thomas (Ayame Wonderland).

5 Movie/TV show 8-bit art cards by Pxlbug.

2 Art prints by Lauren Matthews (Kagekabuki Arts).

2 Art prints and 3 pokeball stickers by Morgan Amelia Bromage.

1 Art print by Mimopan Illustrations.

1 Unicorn tribal art print by Templeman Art.

1 Storm (X-men), art print by Goffietwerb.

1 Hatsune Miku mirror and “Vee” sticker by Veronica Heath.

2 8-bit character badges and 1 8-bit art print of the OneCon mascots from Toomanyteacupsvinn.

A pokeball pendant from Retr8bit.

1 star-shaped pendant, 1 jigsaw-piece ring, 1 labrador badge and a monster keyring from Candy & Cyanide.


In order to win this pile of goodies all you have to do is send us an e-mail titled “The Christmas Competition 2013” and containing your name and address to The competition will close at 18:30 (GMT) on Sunday the 22nd of December (during our next broadcast – which is also the last show of Series 7), and the winner will be announced live on that show.

Standard rules apply (no member of The Geek Show, volunteer or employee of Community Voice FM may enter), and this competition is open to UK and Republic of Ireland ONLY.

Good luck!



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