S07E22 – Christmas 2013 Special

Christmas is a time when people are more prone to wearing strange clothes and hats, decorating their homes with colourful and/or sparkly objects, eating exotic foods that they won’t see again for another year, and generally partaking in a manic, collective happiness as they whizz around like crazed spinning tops, buying all sorts of trinkets and oddments for themselves and as gifts for others.

Are we sure we’re talking about Christmas? Aside from the fabulous Feng Shui it sounds like most of the geek-related conventions we’ve been to. Join us as we let Scrooge have his annual one-day vacation.

This week’s news is not the Messiah. It’s also not Elvis, Metal Mickey or that weird thing from the Black Lagoon – so stop asking please.

The Geek Show Series 7 Episode 22 – Christmas 2013 Special

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