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Continuing our run of competitions, this week we’re offering one lucky winner the chance to get their hands on a digital copy of the wonderful Ys: Memories of Celceta on the PS Vita – courtesy of our good friends at Reef Entertainment and N.I.S. America.

Memories of Celceta is the latest game in the Ys franchise, but the history of this addition to the franchise goes back to 1993. At the time development of Ys 4 had been outsourced to Tonkin House (Ys: Mask of the Sun), and Hudson Soft (Ys: Dawn of Ys), but the fact that two different storylines were considered series canon simply made a mess of the continuity. Spin the clock forward to 2012, when developer Nihon Falcom – who are the last word on everything to do with the world of Ys – decided to release their definitive version of Ys 4.

It was the moment that fans and aficionados of the franchise had been waiting for, and it was worth it as, aside from being the first Ys title on the PS Vita, it’s also the first time that Nihon Falcom have worked on the troublesome Ys 4.

This is a stunning addition to the franchise for a number of reasons. Visually it’s one of the best titles to appear on the Vita this year, and the combination of anime-style cut scenes and CG graphics show off the handheld’s capabilities very well. The game features an interesting and enjoyable battle system that relies on using each character’s specialized skills in order to win, the ability to customize weapons and armour, day and night cycles, a huge world to explore (your map will become your most prized possession), and more – but the best part of Memories of Celceta is its accessibility. As each chapter in the Ys universe is bespoke, those unfamiliar with the franchise can easily pick up any of the games in the series and play them without having to play the ones that came before (or after) – and the added element of an amnesiac protagonist makes this particular title arguably the most accessible of all.

Okay, enough of the squeeing. In order to win a digital copy of this fabulous game all you have to do is send us your name in a message titled “Memories of Celceta” to It’s as simple as that.

This competition will close at 18:30 (GMT), on Sunday the 2nd of March. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on the live broadcast on that day. Special thanks go to Jas and the good folks at Reef Entertainment who kindly provided us with a digital copy of the game for this competition.

Ys: Memories of Celceta is out now – and it’s very much recommended.

Please contact us via our email address, or tweet us (@TGS_TheGeekShow or #TheGeekShow), if you have any questions.

This competition is open to everyone in the world over the age of 12 except for members of The Geek Show and volunteers or employees of Community Voice FM.



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