Battlefield: Hardline Live Event

To celebrate the launch of  Battlefield: Hardline, Electronic Arts have teamed up with  immersive theatre company differencEngine and taken over a secret underground location in London to give fans an immersive experience where, for the first time ever, players can step into the video game and try to pull of a robbery – which could bag them £10,000 in real cash if they succeed.


Although full details of the plot haven’t been revealed yet, it has been announced that players will be briefed by a criminal overlord before entering the underground location where they will have to navigate their way to the “prize” before trying to escape – all while avoiding guards and security cameras.

Battlefield: Hardline Live opens from March 18th – 25th and applications can be placed via the Battlefield Hardline: Live website. Fans can win a place for themselves and four friends, so a team of five in total can work together to try and pull off the perfect crime.

How you divide the loot is up to you – just remember to respect each other in the morning.

Battlefield: Hardline will be available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC n March 20th 2015.

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