New Warcraft Trailer Released

The highly anticipated Warcraft movie is due to hit cinemas on June 10th and we get another glimpse of what the movie will look like with the release of a new trailer.

Although many have been titillated by the amazing CG and effects, the trailer has caused a bit of a stir with some Warcraft fans and they have taken to social media to ask director Duncan James if the movie will feature more dubstep or electronic music. The director quickly calmed any fears when he tweeted:

For those asking, no… music in the movie is not dubstep. It’s magnificent Ramin score! So why in the trailer?

So the movie will be scored by a composer whose previous work includes Pacific Rim and Iron Man – which will be a relief to many who were worried that the hoard invasion would be set to the allegedly phat beats of Skrillex.

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