Haunted Doll LIVE

Haunted Doll LIVE

Probably the world’s creepiest live-stream is running now!

We’ve all seen the horror movie where the porcelain doll comes to life, and truth be told, I am one of those who suffer from Pediophobia (the fear of dolls). So when a US TV channel decides to run an experiment with a haunted doll, I’m excited that all my fears will be proven and that we will finally have evidence that these dolls do come alive, and also terrified for the exact same reason.

The doll in question is called Ann, who has a bit of a back story.

According to unnamed “paranormal investigators” the doll is being haunted by the spirit of a 13-year-old girl of the same name, who died of tuberculosis at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky early in the 20th century. Apparently her nurse at the sanatorium, a woman named Lois, claimed that the spirits of the children who had passed away followed her home. Lois allegedly started to collect dolls in order to house the spirits of the children, and she apparently kept a detailed journal of their antics which explained that Ann, for example, was apparently afraid of the dark.

So what better thing to do than stick Ann in a dark room in front of the internet…..

Watch the live stream NOW if you dare,


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