Pick of the Geek – Intel DN2820FYKH Barebone Desktop

Intel DN2820FYKH Barebone Desktop (Celeron N2820 2.39GHz, HD Graphics, WLAN, Bluetooth 4.0) (£115.99)

413IpwunK1LThis is a recent purchase but I have to include this as a highly recommended product. This is a barebones media PC which fluctuates a sale price of £79.99 when not fully priced. This little box offers full 1080p HDMI support, Wi-Fi with front USB 3.0 and rear USB 2.0 support. This deserves a very high recommendation due to its price, portability (it weighs 1.1kg and fits in your hand) and most important of all, its excellent performance. This is barebones meaning you get everything apart from the 2.5” hard drive (or SSD), SO-DIMM RAM, OS, mouse and keyboard. These parts however are very cheap to get hold of (especially if you’re a linux user or have a Windows code from a previous machine) and can see a media/work PC being built fully for around £140.00 or £110.00 if you grab this on its sale price. They are also other models of this type of PC either barebones or fully built with varying prices across different outlets.

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