Outraged MEP Vs. Pokémon Go

Belgian socialist MEP Marc Tarabella is outraged by the hit mobile game Pokémon Go and is bringing up a case against it for privacy issues in order to alert EU citizens to the dangers of using the app. The MEP – who is filing a request with the European Commission this week to launch an investigation into the privacy of the game – had this to say:

“In Europe, the protection of privacy remains a fundamental right. We have to react, warn and strongly condemn these massive scams.”

Mr Tarabella's comments on Pokemon Go are similar to those made earlier this month about Tinder

Tarabella also stated that the Pokémon Go application breaches EU laws including the General Data Protection Regulation (which is yet to be fully implemented until May 2018), and its predecessor directive on the protection of personal data. The app also stores cookies and trackers on gamer’s devices, potentially violating the EU’s ePrivacy Directive.

This isn’t the first time Mr Tarabella has been on the warpath against a mobile app as he also made similar comments about the popular dating service Tinder. There is no evidence to suggest the games developer Niantic have broken any laws, and it remains to be seen if this is just another out-of-touch political figure who is trying to score political points off something popular that they don’t understand. It will be interesting to see what the European commission have to say on the matter.

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