Surprise Late Signing at the Stadium of Light!

Super Mario is going to….. Sunderland!

No you read correct folks this October the Stadium of Light will be home to more than just sub-standard premier league football as KingCon will be holding it’s first event at the venue. Alongside the comic con type staples of cosplay and panels, they will also be including science.

Recently announced was voice actor Charles Martinet famous for his roles as Super Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Wario, Paarthurnax and many more. Charles started his career in films and TV in the late 80’s before he broke into voicing on video games in 1994 for Super Punch-Out!! and then he stepped up to become the voice of the greatest video game character ever and he has been ever since to this day.

At least he has the right colour scheme

At least he has the right colour scheme

Kingcon is set to run 22nd and 23rd October at the Stadium of Light more details and tickets can be found over at their website HERE

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