Japan Olympics to Celebrate Anime

It has been no secret that Japan 2020 is gearing up to be the weebiest Olympiad ever. After Prime Minister Abe rose our of the warp pipe in Rio dressed as Super Mario you half expected the Emperor to appear as Sonic. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but the hype began as Japan have shown they are very proud of anime and have decided to put it front and center for the world to see.


Now we have official validation from the Tokyo 2020 website that familiar anime characters from hit series like Pretty Cure, Dragonball Super, One Piece, Naruto, Yokai Watch, Sailor Moon, Astro boy and even Crayon Shin-Chan are getting in on the act. All characters have been put onto 2020 merchandise and we expect more to come with another 4 years away we expect limited edition Olympic figurines, 50ft Mechs of Mo Farrah and every sports series to train up to entering the Olympics with one huge crossover where they all join together to win gold. Who knows maybe Ash Ketchum might win the Alola league too!

Olympic Baseball hat is just one bit of merch you can get.

Olympic Baseball hat is just one bit of merch you can get.

Head over to the 2020 Tokyo site for up to date information and you can check out their Merch Page too.

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