Shu (Review)

Shu (Review)

We recently visited EGX, back in late September, while there we had a chat with Coatsink games. You can listen to the interview as well as a whole load more in part 1 of our EGX 2016 special here. That day they had two games on display, one of which was Esper 2 – their latest VR title- while the other was a colourful, attention-grabbing title called Shu – a beautiful platformer available on consoles and PC from North East-based developers Coatsink and Secret Lunch.

In the game, you control a colourful band of hand-drawn characters as they are pursued by a monstrous and unrelenting storm. Check out our review as Andy and Rob discuss this indie gem, and when you’re done head back to our EGX special and find out what Coatsink have to say about it themselves.

Shu is available on the Playstation Store and Steam

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