Worlds Most Expensive Pokemon Card Up For Auction

Worlds Most Expensive Pokemon Card Up For Auction

You know Pokemon trading cards, you know they are still going and you even know that a few of them are worth a bit. But do you know which one is the rarest and most expensive? Well, you’re in luck because the most expensive card in the world is back up for auction.

It’s not Charizard!

The card, Pokemon Illustrator/ Pikachu Illustrator, is one of 39 which were given as part of a contest back in 1998 for CoroCoro Comic. Since then it has become the most desirable card for the hardcore collector. Back in 2014 one sold for $90,000 and another one of these double star promos is back up for auction on Heritage Auctions website. Current bids have it at $20,000 so head on over to the bidding if you’re feeling flush. Alternatively, if you aren’t as wise with cash you could always buy the new Evolutions set which releases tomorrow – a re-release of the original base set updated for the modern game.


The card has sold for a whopping $54,970!!!



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