Would You Like to Science?

Hello.  Welcome to Would You Like to Science? with me, Ajay.

I’m a recent graduate in Genetics and Molecular Biology, with a passion for writing, or rambling.

I’m going to be focusing on the scientific world for The Geek Show, as they’ve kindly given me the platform to put words to paper, well, words into an online post editor (that’s beside the point). Bottom line is, I science. With my pieces, hopefully, you can science too. If you end up not sciencing, no problem. If you do, great.

My main area of expertise, if I have one, is the medical side of things when it comes to science. Recent developments in this field are pretty cool, such as the first three-parent baby and the UK being the first country to formally allow the procedure. Poor kid(s), as if two parents weren’t enough.

Right, well I think that covers what I shall be doing for now. I have pieces that I’m working on and they should be posted in the near future.

Have a good’un, geeks. Farewell for now.

First Baby with DNA from 3 Parents

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