Pick of the Geek – Tales of Demons and Gods

This Manhua by Mad Snail is another series I’d expect to get animated in the future and a good read. Tales of demons and gods follows protagonist Nie Li who during a battle with a sage emperor was defeated and killed. He was however given a second chance as he has been reborn into his 13-year-old self. Nie Li can now relive his life once again but this time around he has the knowledge from his old lifetime and he uses it to grow stronger and learning more from the mistakes of his old life.

Main protagonist Nie Li

We have all had dreams of what our lives would be like if we had our youth but with the full knowledge that only a lifetime can bring. In this story, we follow Nie Li as he lives out that dream. He follows a path which he knows will lead him back to the battle in which he died but he know has the time to relive and become a stronger and more powerful warrior than before. He is back in his weak 13-year-old body but he now has the knowledge to streamline his training and become a higher level Demon spiritist. His aims don’t stop at his own self improvements as his classmates who were once his allies in his former life are around him and he aims to improve their lives as well and using information on their futures he aims to aid them and avoid any tragedy and this is especially the case with his future love Ye Zi Yun. His journey will lead him to relive battles once fought to protect his friends and his hometown Glory City and he has the chance to preemptively punish those who abandoned their duty when the time came.

The art style obviously inspired by Naruto and you can easily pick up similarities and parts even have a feel of avatar about them which can especially give us western readers a comfortable and familiar feel. The uses of scrolls, chakra and spirit beasts do give it a Naruto feel and to be honest, at the start, it does feel as if it was going to be the same however it evolved into its own story very quickly. ¬†Tales of Demons and Gods stands out in its own right with well-balanced characters and a very good plot which can keep you interested enough to want to read on again and again. The series has only been going for just over a year now and has got a large following of fans and if it ever hits the mainstream audience I dare say it has the potential to be one of the bigger shows out there. I’d recommend if you have nothing new to read and are a fan of the fantasy genre then Tales of Demons and Gods is definitely worth a go.

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