Cinema Eclectica’s Best Home Video of 2016

Cinema Eclectica’s Best Home Video of 2016

As well as reviewing the latest releases, our in-house movie podcast, Cinema Eclectica, also acts as your guide to the increasingly labyrinthine home video market. The idea of collecting films isn’t quite the mainstream thing it once was, the rise of streaming and VOD services like iTunes and Netflix has put that idea to bed for good. Rising up from that change in the status quo is a new world order, as it were, in which the DVD and Blu-Ray home release saw labels that celebrate in the overlooked, forgotten and obscure rise to prominence and give them a new chance to bask in the sun. Labels like Second Run, Masters of Cinema, Arrow Video, and the Criterion Collection have pounced on this new state of things, with the latter two making zig-zagging leaps across the Atlantic. Of which, Criterion making the leap over to UK shores surely made all film geeks hearts sing with joy.

The following gallery showcases the highlights of the past 12 months, and each image links to the show or written review in which it was featured. In the case of the box sets, they brought long missing films or even filmographies into this super hi-def age. Some of the other releases were discoveries that came from the obscure depths to make us instant fans. But above all else, the following releases made 2016 a great year and a much-needed diversion from all the unpleasant political sea changes, corruption, celebrity deaths, and war-zones that have defined the increasingly unstable wider world this year. No politics, though, we are here for the films, so get stuck into these.

Rob Simpson

With a love of movies kicked off by Hong Kong Action and Claymation Monsters, Rob has forever been cradled in the bosom that is Cinema. So much so, he even engages in film making of his own, well, occasionally. A fan of video games dating back to the Master System, Wrestling back to the mullet and music, filthy dirty evil hipster music. Rob has his hands in many a pie, except Mince - those things are evil.

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