Donald Trump as You’ve Never Seen Him Before

The 45th president of the United States of America is probably the most polarizing figure in the world today, so the folks over at DID Corp have taken this literally and decided to start producing him as a collectible 1/6 scale figure.

(c)2017 DID Corp. All Rights Reserved.

That’s right, we can all remember the kick ass version figure of Obama which came with guns and samurai swords. However, in comparison to that, this figure seems more normal and reserved. Th figure comes with two ‘super realistic’ head sculpts, the choice of red or blue tie, three of his signature hand gestures and a backdrop and podium. You even get a little Make America Great hat to accessorize with so you can change from Campaign Donald to President Donald.

(c)2017 DID Corp. All Rights Reserved.

Guaranteed to be bought in bulk by his fans and probably the man himself, but still, as with everything Trump it has caused a stir with fans over on DID Corps Facebook page airing their distaste for the decision to make a figure of one of the most hated men in the world. However, they have been having some fun including his ‘tour’ in Asia which saw him taking in the sights, sounds and even a minibus ride.

Preorders are still being taken with general release in March/April time and it costs $119.99 not inc tax and shipping.

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