Rem (Nendoroid)

Rem (Nendoroid)

Looking back at anime in 2016, many people would consider Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World as one of the most memorable shows, and from that series the character Rem has exploded in popularity, and in addition to winning ‘Best Female Character’ in a number of awards the character’s cosplay is also one of the most purchased in Japan last year. On the merchandise side of things Rem alone is selling almost ridiculously well with a range of products including keyrings, figures, towels,  and even glasses with the her on! She has quickly become one of anime’s most marketable characters, and with no signs of slowing down Good Smile recently announced a full-sized figure of the maid to be released later this year.

But that’s for then and this is now, and today I’ll be talking about a new figure of Rem from Good Smile’s Nendoroid range – Japan’s answer to POP vinyl, but which actually came first and has better quality control! It’s common to find that characters from well-known anime have been immortalised in the form of a cute poseable figure, and if they’re very popular then they will likely have a Nendoroid or Figma.

The Geek Show - Rem - Nendoroid 3

Aside from the figure itself, this version of Rem comes with a number of accessories including two alternate faces – one being a happier face from the memorable scene from episode 18 while the other is a more aggressive look with a sinister grin from her Oni form, and an alternate hair piece with her horn only compliments this look. When it comes to limbs Rem seems to be blessed as she comes with extra five arms, and while that’s nowhere near the amount provided with a certain Nico Robin figure it allows her to be posed in a number of ways. Unlike a lot of Nendoroids this allows the figure to have a wide variety of fun poses, and it took a long while for me to decide on one to display her on the shelf.

Finally, like all Nendoroids Rem comes with a support base that allows her to stand up, but the biggest problem with these figures is that unlike their Figma brethren, it’s often very difficult for these characters up without one. An added bonus is a smaller stand for the weapon that allows her to swing the ball and chain freely without pesky things like gravity getting in the way. The paintwork is of a high standard – which is to be expected from the Good Smile name – and every little detail of Rem is spot on, From the maid patterned dress to the shade of hair and the faint blush on her face, Megahouse have exceeded expectations when it comes to the character (unlike some previous figures that suffered from far more basic paintwork).

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On the downside some of her parts feel incredibly awkward. Rem’s plate (attached by a simple peg), will generally fall off while trying to secure the figure to the stand, and unfortunately this issue seems to be common amongst the Nendoroid as a whole. Another problem for me is unless you wish to keep the box there is nowhere to store the other parts, and although the Figma line provides a sealable bag to keep extra “bits” this is absent from the Nendoroid line and may be something that Good Smile should consider including in the future.

Rem is an absolutely fantastic Nendoroid and easily one of my favourites. The amount of detail and emotion captured in her alternate faces makes her suit the Nendoroid style more than most other figures in the line, and with her twin sister Ram coming later this year she’ll only have more poses. If you’re a fan of Nendoroids, Re:Zero, or even the character you certainly cannot go wrong with this figure and it’ll remain a favourite of mine.

Rem can be bought from reputable stores that sell legitimate anime merchandise and Nendoroid figures. Remember to support the sale of official merchandise over bootlegs!

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