Konosuba: God’s Gift On This World (Season 2)

When it comes to Anime it’s always great to be able to sit down and relax after a long day with a simple yet hilarious comedy and, once again, we go back and join our four favourite idiotic adventurers in Konosuba: God’s Gift On This World. The series picks up where we left off with Kazuma being put to trial by committing the crime of damaging an Aristocrat’s mansion while fending off a monster at the end of last season. It also continues to adapt the third and fourth volumes of the Light Novel into 10 episodes, each plot usually only lasts an episode or two with the latter episodes taking the characters out of the usual area to a new town.

Most of the series’ fun stems from poking fun at traditional RPG games, from going on odd jobs to kill monsters to the rich nobles who seemingly  own everything in the world to lockpicking and Konosuba manages to take what has been overdone so many times before and make it entertaining again. While the story is adequate enough for the style of story it’s simply a platform to deliver gags which Konosuba 2 delivers in spades. Each of the characters have their own great moments in the limelight and, overall, is far better paced than the first series giving both Darkness and Megumin some much needed character development while also building more on Wiz (a kind Lich) and Aqua (a Useless goddess). Even Kazuma seems to be more grounded in reality as historically he was the level headed one being dragged down by the idiocy of the girls around him. Konosuba 2’s wackiness even affects new character Yun Yun, Megumin’s rival/friend, who is more normal than most and there is the joke – being normal means she is considered to be weirder than the rest of the ensemble.

Visually, Konosuba 2 doesn’t quite live up to the first series with a lot of poorly drawn scenes which are referenced in a running series of gag and  hilarious expressions. However, given the content of the series this works well as a weird character expressions only makes the content look funnier and somehow makes things work better, it is rather consistent in how each episode is drawn and it feels like only the last episode stands out with overblown attacks and visuals. When the series wants to it can stand head to head with some of the better series out there.

Normally, I don’t pick up sound for an anime, however, I do wish to commend the voice acting in this series, Aqua’s Voice actress (Sora Amamiya) does an absolutely fantastic job of the material she is given and has really excelled herself with what she’s done with the character. Rather than being an annoying whiny girl she’s made Aqua into an annoying whiny girl we’ll all love, sometimes the right voice actor does make or break a character and in this case it’s one that I’m not sure could be replicated in the dub.

With the series being a gag reverse harem you will be expecting to get into the usual sticky situations that are found in the more convention series’, however, Kazuma manages to stand against most harem leads in that he’s as likeable as the rest of the characters, while also being a pervert. The situation with the girls usually has them all on equal footing and he tends to give as much punishment as he takes, it is refreshing to see a character who is perverted and acts perverted rather than ‘accidental’ slips and trips that you find in scores of other series.

Konosuba: God’s Gift On This World (Season 2) is a pure joy to watch. Each of the characters is great in their own right and there are plenty of hilarious moments that will have you watching and rewatching the series for years to come. Here’s hoping that third season comes soon.

Konosuba season 1 and 2 are available on Crunchyroll now.

The Light Novel can be bought at Amazon or all good manga stockists.

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