Pick of the Geek – Jagaaaaaan!

Pick of the Geek – Jagaaaaaan!

This is one of those strange manga where the name ensnared me and once I read on the plot had me. Relativity young, this manga only began back in February and is already shaping up to be a must read.

Jagaaaaaan follows the life of policeman Jagasaki who has reached the point in life where he is stuck in a rut. Despite being a policeman, the public doesn’t respect him and neither do his colleagues. He is stuck in a relationship which is expected to take the normal path of marriage and kids all of which Jagasaki is not ready for but he manages to get through life faking a smile, acting dumb with a deep-seated rage to shoot his way out of his problems like his favourite town mascot Buppa, an eggplant with guns. His life changes one night as he attends to a drunk salaryman and an altercation on the night train opens his eyes to the horror of the world. He is given the power where his fingers can transform into a gun and he discovers fractured humans which are people taken over by frogs.

What better to battle mutating horror toads than a cute owl

His guide/partner in all of this is a cute little owl who informs him his job is to take down all of these fractured humans and the owl will eat them. The downside is Jagasaki is a fractured human himself and the only way to prevent a full transformation is to defeat the frogs and eat the poop balls from the owl. The series is just getting started as we are learning more about the characters and we get to see more and more interesting monsters so I’d recommend getting started now to have a headstart.

Jagaaaaaan is a horror manga with a distinctive art style which helps it stand out. It has a Parasite vibe to it, which is referenced early on, and in places, it’s Grotesk-chic can be mistaken for early 90’s hentai. By all mean, this manga is not suitable for kids and geared to the more adult audience and at a time where the fantasy/reincarnated genre packed with fan service and cute girls are the favorite medium of the age, a gore filled horror is just a break from the norm you need. Don’t worry your waifu will still be there next chapter but if you need a much needed break and something new, give Jagaaaaaan a try.

It’s a gun, honestly


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