Pick of the Geek – Inuyashiki

Pick of the Geek – Inuyashiki

A real rare gem in an industry jam-packed with fan service and sports manga. My Pick of the geek this time is Sci-fi manga Inuyashiki. This series really sets itself apart from others especially in this day and age and the main reason is it has a protagonist like no other. Let me introduce Inuyashiki Ichiro a 58-year-old man. That’s right, no young male surrounded by a harem who is blind to their advances, no young girl with magic or high school student aiming to be number 1 in Japan at their chosen sport at school. The hero of this manga is a frail, old, depressed man.

You won’t find this on the NHS!

The story follows Inuyashiki, an old man who isn’t respected by his family as his life takes a downward swing after being diagnosed with stomach cancer. One night after failing to pluck up the courage to tell his family the bad news he takes a walk and whilst sitting on a hill he and an unknown youth are unexpectedly killed by a crashing UFO. That doesn’t end it as he awakens the next morning confused and dazed and so the story begins.

The story is an interesting mix and has a feel of Gantz about it, it’s even referenced alongside other popular anime series at the current time. Firstly Inuyashiki is a complex and well thought out character. In an industry overflowing with similar characters and tropes to not only pluck for an old man but to give him an extraterrestrial tech upgrade was absolute genius. It was amazing in itself but over the course of the first few chapters you get to see this old man as vulnerable and weak but after his upgrade, he doesn’t want to lose his humanity and takes the decision to save lives as it becomes the only thing that makes him feel human. As stated there was another at the crash site, a youth Shishigami Hiro, and he too was rebuilt with the same tech as Inuyashiki, however, his method of feeling human again takes a darker turn and this sets up for a classic good vs evil narrative through the series. The plot is gripping and entertaining with a dark theme running throughout and at times it can get really graphic with murders and violence. Another positive is how current the setting is with regards to characters and location. At the beginning, Barack Obama was mentioned as the President and later in the series, everyone’s favorite orange tinted statesman makes quite the cameo and acts exactly as we’d expect him to when things take a turn for the worse but you’ll have to read on to the current chapters to find out what goes down.

I can’t spoil much but with this series. It’s due to be made into an anime for October 2017 and a live action movie slated for 2018. Get in there and familiarize yourself before this becomes big and you can do so easily as Crunchyroll have it on their new manga service.

Inuyashiki is already in line for a live action movie in 2018



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