Cordelia Fire Emblem Statue

Cordelia Fire Emblem Statue

There’s no doubting that Fire Emblem: Awakening was a winner for Nintendo, it’s fans and the franchise itself, ultimately saving the series from cancellation and giving the series the much-deserved attention in the west and with popularity came a series of figures including a Figma of Heroine Lucina and a high-quality Statue of Tharja from Goodsmile. Following on the heels of Tharja we come across Cordelia, one of the more popular female characters from the game and I’ve got to admit she looks absolutely stunning in figure form, sculpted by the amazing Shining Wizard @ Sawachika (who worked on the previous Tharja figure along with releasing incredible statues of Samus Aran of Metroid fame and Catherine from the underrated Atlus title ‘Catherine’).

The statue is almost everything you would want in a depiction of a character and no expense has been spared in giving us a high-quality figure the high price tag demanded. Starting with the face, the artist has captured the very personality of the character instantly, we don’t have a smirk on her lips nor has she been adjusted to look more seductive, no instead we have the somewhat serious face of the knight she is, yet an expression that knows she’s bested you in combat. Cordelia’s hair is long and flowing, giving the perfect emphasis of either wind blowing on her hair or she’s pulled off a powerful attack, this effect is increased with her pose as she holds the spear, the weapon end reaching downwards at the tail end of the attack, the pose overall is what sold me to the figure, rather than looking static holding a weapon she looks like she’s been in some combat or a training routine already, something which few releases attempt.

The design on Cordelia is rather faithful to the game, rather than having her wear the armour instead Shining Wizard has chosen to remove that, not for sexual appeal but instead to detail her clothing underneath and giving her a unique appearance over that which you could easily look up in the artbook. Each piece of clothing is well designed and the paint job is incredibly spot on, atop of this each armour piece has been detailed and painted individually while giving a uniform approach. While there is an upskirt effect this is in taste with the character design as it should be.

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The base of the figure holds two options, one can be displayed on a stone surface, however you can place the water effect above it, another well-designed addition to the piece the clear plastic gives a rippling effect at her feet and the base of the Pegasus wing, while likely didn’t cost much to produce this is simply the cherry on the cake.

Another inclusion with the figure is a large stone monument of a Pegasus, again painted to a high standard with signs of decay with chips and cracks across it, perched atop the monument is Cordelia’s breastplate, it’s own sculpt and again magnificently painted, although a nice feature would have been to be able to put this on Cordelia herself the breastplate is still a welcome addition rather than being completely absent entirely.

As nice as this statue is there is one huge fault in it, while the pose is excellent there is really only a limited amount of scope of how you can display her as you want to get her face in the shot and the placement of the monument means a lot of her can be obscured. Another issue I had was with the spear, there is a peg in the length which is supposed to clip into her hand but the hole for which is almost impossible to find, instead I simply have the peg rest on her fingers and luckily you can’t really tell.

Cordelia is a statue that I am incredibly happy to own and while the price tag (17,000 yen, around £125 as of writing, keep in mind I roughly paid around £100 for pre-order, pre-Brexit prices) is enough to put people off this is certainly one where the quality is enough to justify the purchase. If you are a huge enough fan of Fire Emblem or Cordelia especially you’ll enjoy the figure.

Cordelia can be bought at amiami

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