More Avengers Set for Durham

More Avengers Set for Durham

The Hollywood Avengers bandwagon has rolled into our great region and rumors are once again rife that the elites from the silver screen will once again grace us with their presence.

Over the past week, the Marvel universe has decided to locate itself in Durham Cathedral as it will feature in the upcoming Infinity Wars. It was posted a sneak behind the scenes pic over on the Marvel Cinematic Universe page where they claimed Durham was in Scotland, a fact which has since been rectified after fans pointed to Durham on a map.

Sneek peek at some of the props for Infinity Wars

Filming is continuing and after fans have been getting snaps with Chris Hemsworth a few days ago the rumour mill has it that another two huge stars are set to be filming in the city. The Cathedral is once again closed on Tuesday 9th May and gossip is intensifying that Robert Downey Jnr and Samuel L Jackson will be the stars going in front of the camera. Fans are expected to flock from as early as 5 am to try to catch a glimpse, will you be one of them?

Will these two giants of cinema be spotted in a Greggs in Durham?


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