ZOINKS! The Winchesters Get Animated

ZOINKS! The Winchesters Get Animated

When your show gets to 13 seasons looking for ideas to keep it fresh and entertaining can be hard to come by.

Not for Supernatural, the show about angels, demons, heaven, and hell etc will be crossing paths with some meddlesome kids as Scooby and the gang will be making an appearance on the CW. No other details are released yet but the mystery machine has done a few memorable crossovers in the past with the Wizard of OZ, Batman, Johnny Bravo and that’s not to mention a long list of guest stars and now the Winchesters will be added.

Mystery Inc has had some history of crossing paths with strange characters.


I'm Tucky co-host on the KeyFrame podcast. I'm a massive Sunderland fan and also do anime and gaming reviews for The Geek Show. I have always had an interest in anime and Japanese culture and I'm lucky enough to do this as a job now.

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