What we’d like to see on the Nintendo Switch

it’s safe to say that the Nintendo Switch has had a good start, with at least 2.7 million units shipped by the end of April and both The Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe boasting sales numbers the best in the series it looks like we have a great start and with titles such as Splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Fire Emblem coming up it looks like we are going to have a smattering of great titles to play in the next year. But what else can we hope to see from Nintendo? We are still at a time in the console where our hopes and prayers can still be answered. But this is what I personally hope to see in the future, now I’m not going to put stuff like 3rd Party Support as its too easy, but what I would like to see:

Some Defunct 3rd Party Titles Return: I’m putting this aside from Nintendo properties as Nintendo themselves don’t have as much of a hold over these. When I think classic Nintendo I think of Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Mother, Mario Kart etc. I also think of titles such as Dragon Warrior, Castlevania, Mega Man, Contra, Final Fantasy, Mystical Ninja and Chrono Trigger. While Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy are still bringing newer titles (some even to the switch) why not see some of these return too? We got Bomberman and it’s not entirely bad (in fact I’ve been rather surprised by the amount of free content we’ve been given from Konami) but would love to see more of these titles brought back and released onto the console. A new Castlevania is especially overdue. Come on! I want to whip people again.

Have a good Virtual Console: I’m a huge retro gamer, I think I play older games almost as much, if not more so than the newer stuff. There’s a huge catalogue of titles out there that I just never got to experience as a child and now I have the cash as an adult I want to be able to play them. Now we know the Virtual Console will be coming in the future, but personally, I don’t want just a bit of the Virtual Console, I want a chunk of the Virtual Console. Release all of the big names like Link To The Past, Super Metroid, Earthbound, The NES Classic library all for the console’s launch, titles such as Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon 64 and Tactics Ogre all appeared late on the Wii U’s e-shop. Get those out asap as these are titles that the Wii U owners skipped on because the Switch was launching. And please Nintendo. PLEASE. Give us the ones we already own on the 3DS/Wii U on the switch. I’m happy paying a small (see: up to £1) fee to transfer them over but I’m not paying full price for Super Mario World. Not for the 3rd time.

Become the next Vita: The Playstation Vita is a fun little console. It became a haven for Japanese titles and there were a few great JRPGs that didn’t appear on other consoles. I’d love to see the Switch become the next logical step for these types of games as most of them already gel perfectly with titles much like Xenoblade Chronicles and Fire Emblem and let’s face it, Japan can no longer just look at their own country for sales. Pre-orders for Disgaea 5: Complete has already exceeded that of the total sales in Japan so why not look at titles such as Persona, Legend of Heroes or the Ys franchise. Of course, we are getting Senran Kagura so we can at least die happy knowing we’ll have that one.

Dig out the Past: Because of its history it’s hardly surprising that Nintendo has a huge amount of great titles, but we haven’t seen a lot of them in recent years which could really do with a new installment. Rather than trundle out Mario for the umpteenth time (because we all know there’ll be a Mario Tennis or Party title coming soon.) why not one of the others? For example: Wario Land -If not Mario, why not Wario? The last proper installment of his games was way back in the Wii/DS days and most of the 2D ones are fun enough, you could even combine it with the Wario Ware franchise and have 2 games in 1 kind of thing. Come on! We need to see more of the Syrup Pirates.

Advance Wars: Easily one of the biggest misses on the Wii U was not making full use of the touch screen pad, it was perfect for the strategic grid titles such as Disgaea, Fire Emblem and of course Advance Wars, while Fire Emblem has gone on to become one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises the Advance Wars series has unfortunately not had a new title since Days of Ruin in 2008. The series is fun and gripping in a different way to Fire Emblem, maybe they could go the way of Awakening? I mean I wanna pair bright green tank with bright orange APC? Why shouldn’t you?

Extreme Sports: Nintendo has often dabbled in these, titles such as 1080 Snowboarding, Wave Race, Excitebike and Pilotwings are all fun little additions to a decent console, sadly outside of Pilotwings being a launch title on the 3DS we haven’t seen anything from any of the other franchises for some time, while I personally wouldn’t be sure about paying full price for some of these an Extreme Sports set (possibly bring back Wuhu Island from Wii Sports/Fit?) would be a lot of fun to see.

Metroid: If there’s one game that needs to be brought back it’s Metroid, it’s still touted as one of Nintendo’s biggest series yet we haven’t really seen Samus since Other M. Come on, she’s badass, the worlds are the perfect blend of adventure, sci-fi, and horror that so many other series attempts and fail. Let us explore great worlds while blasting down enemies. It doesn’t even have to be an FPS game, budget it and give us a cool 2D title with 3D visuals. But Metroid is the title I’d love to see the most on the console.

Of course, there are plenty more that have dropped out of the public eye. Golden Sun was an immensely fun JRPG that seemed to be shunned last Smash Bros time (I still have hoped a Switch version of the game may put Isaac back in), Animal Crossing is well overdue a new real title, and not a spinoff or a terrible board game. Even titles like F-Zero and Punch Out! We haven’t seen for a while (Although with Fast Racing Neo being a thing do we need an F-Zero? And we are all assuming Lil Mac will be in ARMS instead.

Nintendo’s Switch console is still a bundle of hope and dreams and myself for one am excited to see what we see on the new console. But please Nintendo, take your time and give us the right games. No Federation Forces or Amiibo Festivals, no Zip Lash’s or Yoshi’s New World. Look at what makes your titles so beloved and advance from there, rather than simply cashing in on the names.

PS: Hassle Square to give us a new Final Fantasy Tactics game. Those are so fun!

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