Glitter and Glamorous: Nico Robin

Glitter and Glamorous: Nico Robin

There are hundreds upon hundreds of One Piece figures out in the world and it’s hardly surprising. The popularity of the series knows almost no bounds and it feels like we will continue to get merchandise for the characters forever. While the merchandise for the series isn’t as popular as it was around 2010 we are still getting some of our favourite characters out.

So let’s look at Nico Robin, personally my favourite character in the series and the one I seem to have the most merchandise of, starting from a humble beginning way back in 2006 it somewhat spiraled out of control and somehow she seems to be one of the most hit and miss when it comes to figures.

Which brings me onto the Glitter and Glamorous version. Following suit in the MSP line of figures Banpresto finally listened to customers and started looking at the girls which take up one of the largest portion when it comes to One Piece sales, rather than risk interrupting their schedule of re-releasing Ace for the fifth time they chose to start a separate series known as the ‘Glitter and Glamorous’ line, starting with Nami the series would eventually include Boa Hancock, Nico Robin, Neferati Vivi and Reiju Vinsmoke among others, each figure would stand approx 25cms each and be of a quality the fans deserve.

Or such was the plan. Nico Robin comes in two varieties and both based off the Dressrosa arc, however, the only real difference is that one version comes with a hat. Yes. I bought another version of the same figure because it has a hat. (Cue the Smithers quote ‘she has a new hat!) and with both being largely the same I won’t go into depth about each version and just an overall look.

At a quick glance the figure looks well proportioned, with an emphasis on Robin’s long legs which seem to take up a long amount of the figure, a nice detail as hinted to in the series itself (an early SBS stated that she had longer limbs than the other crewmembers, Luffy aside) and the dress looks the part, although a lot more attention to detail has gone on the upskirt of the figure it’s something that was oddly omitted from the series itself.

Robin’s face is well crafted although the seem to have fallen into the usual trap of colouring her eyes blue, rather than the canon brown (in the manga) it would have been a nice inclusion to have added brown eyes to the 2nd version of the figure but it’s not a huge issue, the nose, an issue with most Robin figures is well done and works with the figure, it’s neither too wide nor too narrow, perfectly sculpting her unique design into the plastic.

The issue with this figure comes from the lips, and this is the first Nico Robin figure to gave Robin such an expression, the pose of the duck lips with the finger pointing towards it gives the image of Robin as someone who spends too much time on Snapchat rather than the intelligent archaeologist she is (again, we could have had a dog themed snapchat filter as an alternate version.) while I like the idea of trying to change things up it loses the entire character and instead makes me believe this was the initial pose for a different character before quickly throwing it into Robin.

Another issue is with the pose of the figure, much like the Cordelia figure Robin is subject to an awkward ‘from behind’ pose which means she only looks good from a single angle, this is especially infuriating if you own more than one of the same figure (except the hat, remember the hat!) and it just looks awkward together.

Finally the figure just feels somewhat cheap, while it’s priced similarly to other Banpresto Prize figures the figure is unfortunately subject to numerous sculpting issues, with visible lines on her hands, hair, and arms where the pieces of plastic have been moulded together, while this isn’t so bad from far away up close it is more than apparent. Fortunately, the figure makes up for it with a decent paint job, although not quite as good as the Portrait Of Pirates figures it is relative to the price point. Although I did notice some dark scuffs on some parts of her body these were hidden by the pose away from most eyes.

So is it worth picking this one up? I suppose it depends, for some reason Robin doesn’t get nearly as much merchandise from Banpresto as Nami or some of the other characters and to be fair this one is actually one of the better prize figures of her. But to be perfectly honest I would try and hunt down either the D.P.C.F, Figuarts Dressrosa, Variable Action Hero or Portrait of Pirates (not the swimsuit one) version of the character, they are far better value for money

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