Pick of the Geek – Re Creators

Pick of the Geek – Re Creators

While the world has eyes on Season 2 of Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia, unfortunately, some great series are managing to slip through the cracks, and wow there are some great ones. Airing exclusively on Amazon Prime (yes, Amazon Prime does have a video function and I forgot about it too) is Re: Creators.

Now I’m going to look at this slightly different than simply reviewing the title because I really want people to try this one out themselves. Re: Creators is, unlike a lot of things these days is actually a new IP. That means it isn’t based on a Manga or a Light Novel (Although a manga has since begun serialisation) and allows us to be going in blind.

Re: Creators follows the world of Sota Mizushino, a young student aspiring to be a novelist while watching an anime titled Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier he is suddenly dragged into the anime’s world where he witnesses a battle between a mysterious military uniformed girl and the series’ heroine Selesia. Now before you groan that the series is becoming another ‘guy stuck in another world with beautiful women.’ quickly stop that thought, as the series turns its head and has Selesia join Mizushino in the real world, and that’s not the last of their issues as the Military Uniform Girl is also in this world and setting other popular series creations free.

And this is ultimately the hook of the series, each of the creations are unique and fun in their own way drawing from various popular ideas as we have the Noblewoman Heroic Warrior, the Magical Girl, An NPC and a Mech Pilot (and of course, the Mech) are all brought into the world and ultimately end up clashing with each other over their ideals, mostly over their creators themselves: Powerful beings who are able to change their entire lives with a flick of the pen, and its fun to see the creators coming close to their creations themselves.

Being creations allow the characters to have a unique purpose and outlook on the world, some are wishing vengeance on their Creators due to the horrific world they’ve created for them, while others are just happy to be thrown into a more peaceful situation. This allows each character to stand out and be possibly more unique than their actual stories would allow them to be.

While a more serious series the comedy is subtle and really stands out, for example, an early comment from Selesia taking control of a car is offhand, because, of course, she is able to drive as it’s easier than piloting a mech. It allows some things that you sometimes don’t think about in anime and normalises it a lot more than other series do.

With addressing things that these characters would find unique in the real world we can look at some of the fights, most if not all of the characters in the series have been picked from action series allowing for some amazing battles. Ever wanted to see a Stand User fight a Magical Girl while a Hero with a giant Spear and rides a horse fights a Mech? Well Re: Creators has you sorted. The main battles of the series are on such a huge scale they really make some other series look pale in comparison and with the unique characters allows them some wiggle room.

The fights also keep themselves grounded in reality, you simply can’t logically have a mech fight in a cityscape as it would cause so much destruction. An earlier conundrum comes from the Magical Girl Mamika Kirameki who is traumatised when her Magical Girl attack, not dangerous in her world is deadly in ours, it gives the character a great new depth that we would see touched on in a magical girl series.

Animation wise the series is incredibly well done, developed by Troyca and headed under director Ei Aoki (Fate/Zero) you know what you’re getting into here and it really feels they’ve managed to detail things as much as possible and everything just looks so well done, especially the battle scenes as stated before. There are a few gaffs here and there but nothing too bad that it affects anyone’s enjoyment of the series.

Musically the series manages to hit all the right notes and has very catchy battle tune and is one of the few series that I looked into getting the OST for as soon as it releases, each score is perfectly attached to the series in meaningful ways and the openings and endings are a nice change of pace to the series itself.

If you want something a bit different to some of the more popular series airing this season I wholeheartedly recommend Re: Creators, it’s got an interesting premise, great battle scenes, fun characters and enough plot twists to keep you hooked. Fans of the Fate series will get a lot of mileage from this one.The series is still ongoing with 10 episodes as of writing but totalling in around 22 episodes, it’s with my whole hearted recommendation that people try this one out, especially if you own Amazon Prime.

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