Pick of the Geek – Delicious in Dungeon

Pick of the Geek – Delicious in Dungeon

Fantasy meets food porn! Recently we have seen a huge rise in popularity for food related series and I have stumbled upon one which takes the food porn and fuses it with a good old fashioned fantasy adventure in a dungeon.

It’s educational as you learn the anatomy of familiar monsters

The premise is simple a band of adventurers has made their way to the final boss where they lost a vital member of their party to the boss dragon and a choice is made where they forego the lengthy and expensive restocking process to make it back to the dragon and instead go native and become a part of the dungeons food chain. With the backdrop of eat or be eaten this band of adventurers rushes to the aid of their fallen comrade who lies slowly digesting in a dragon’s stomach. The adventurers are joined at the start of their reattempt by a dwarf who is taken by their interest in trying to survive on only dungeon cuisine and he decides to accompany them to hopefully get the chance to try some red dragon meat.

I’m putting this manga forward as a Pick of the Geek because it gives us something fresh and plays to one of my weaknesses, animated food. Sure I have no idea what half the ingredients are due to the fact they are fantasy monsters and plants but it’s a concept that is rarely done. The manga goes into a decent amount of detail with recipes and I can imagine that when this is made into a anime that people watching will get the hungry feeling despite all ingredients being rotting monster corpses. Alongside a creative menu to whet the appetite the plot is straight forward as a damsel in distress but they build the characters in their own way straight from the get go. This is more of a fun journey where the main plot device takes a back seat to the adventure and it also has a sort of educational feel to it even though the knowledge of how to season and steam a mimic or the proper way to prepare scorpion soup won’t be as useful as you think on your CV. For me, this manga gives a dimension that is missed and it’s pure survivalism at its best. You get to see a different take on something that is rarely touched on in a dungeon adventure and they spin it to give you a new angle that with innovative thinking, some strategy and a dwarf that you can even use the traps around you to assist with cooking.

Delicious in Dungeon is out now by Yen Press


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