PX22 – Anime and Arms, Anime and Cut Scenes

We’re a video games podcast aren’t we? Maybe? It depends on the day I guess?

This week we have a plateful of anime-themed gaming for your taste buds. First up we have the release of the rarest thing in gaming – a new Nintendo franchise – with a slightly surreal punch-’em-up called Arms. After that we launch into a trio of titles with a strong connection to anime, starting with Accel World Vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight before moving on to the much-anticipated Valkyria Revolution, and finally finishing with God Wars: Future Past – a tactical JRPG that takes a lot of inspiration from the Kojiki and other parts of Japanese folklore.

Next time out we’ll return to being a video games podcast, possibly. Until then, don’t play anything we wouldn’t play.

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