Cinema Eclectica 129 – Underworld Duck and a Lizard Sandwich

Inspired by the late Harry Dean Stanton, whether it’s fearlessly wading into the debates over controversial new releases or creating singularly unappetising food metaphors, we don’t give a duck. In Off the Shelf, Rob and Graham review a double-bill of Italian horror from Arrow with Mario Bava’s “Kill Baby, Kill” (a.k.a. Curse of the Dead) and Lucio Fulci’s “Don’t Torture a Duckling”, separated by Ryan looking at Eureka’s U-certificate but no less eccentric “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”.

Crikey! We’re up to our film of the week and it’s Darren Aronofsky’s none-more-divisive “Mother!”

Which side of the widening opinion canyon will Ryan and Graham end up on?

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