Keyframe 103 – 2017 (The Good Side)

Keyframe 103 – 2017 (The Good Side)

We’ve kicked arse, so now it’s time for the second half of our look back at anime in 2017 and the better things that were released during the year.

Get ready to take some names because it’s time for the good stuff!

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2 thoughts on “Keyframe 103 – 2017 (The Good Side)

  1. Bro, Katanagatari is completely separate from Bakemonogatari and all of it’s related seasons. Both sagas are written by Nisi Oisin, but they arent related besides in name by his love for playing with words. I think you should give the three Kizu movies a chance (if you haven’t yet), they have a bit of a different feel than the rest of Monogatari.
    Really enjoyed the camaraderie, I’ll be coming back to listen to more~

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I know that Katanagatari is completely separate from Bakemonogatari, but it actually IS part of Nisio Isin’s broader Monogatari franchise – or rather, it was originally meant to be. It’s just that the popularity of Bakemonogatari has meant that it has now become the “Monogatari” but originally it was just the “Bakemonogatari” franchise – which in itself was part of the wider Monogatari franchise. This was confirmed in an interview by Nisio Isin shortly after Katanagatari started airing back in January 2010. Apparently he wanted to somehow bring Katana and Bake together in later volumes, but his ideas for Katanagatari changed while he was writing the story so he kept it as part of the original “Monogatari” stories, it just wasn’t and would never be part of Bakemonogatari,

      I have seen the Kizu movies and they’re good enough, but for me Katanagatari is still Nision Isin’s best adaptation and the better story by far.

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