S15E16 – Klingon Santa is Coming to Town

We’re back for arduous journey into the hinterlands of science and technology news to bring more strange tales and weird happenings.

This time it’s Rob and Producer Rob captaining The Geek Show’s flagship as it navigates through the cackling of Amazon’s Alexa, fanatical Malaysian Apple fans (the technology company, not the fruit), modern “medicinal” leeches, record-breaking fidget spinners, is back again for another anarchic look at the weirder sides of science and technology news.

Some of the stories we covered this week include Amazon’s Alexa in a Laughing fit, Malaysian’s going apple mad at mini-sale, Leaches use in Modern medicine, World Records breaking fidget spinners; record-breaking hula-hoop performers, political hair styles in Russia, realistic costume animal heads, Pizza Hut trainers, Jeff Goldblum and much, much more on top of that, so tune in.

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